Artist Statement

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Between Series Between Series
Gather Series Gather Series
Reclaimed Series Reclaimed Series
Urban Folk Urban Folk
Boyer’s figures explore how we see each other through the lens of our beliefs. Some of our beliefs are shared with a larger group, such as culture or politics, while other beliefs are based on our experiences. These beliefs can have negative connotations when used generally as stereotypes, but can also be more nuanced and positive. Our preconceptions inform whether we think a stranger is friendly or hostile and provide a framework for anticipating how others may react. Boyer’s characters embody this dichotomy of being individuals while representing a larger idea. Their individuality shines through their features and gestures, while a layer of small iconic shapes on the surface of each person link them to an underlying idea and the theme of each series.


Rine Boyer’s figures from everyday life in the city explore how we see one another. Painting on canvas, metal, and wood she uses acrylic paint and ink to create two and three-dimensional painted drawings. Her figurative works reference the repeating pattern in pointillism, the flatness in portraits by Alex Katz, and the bright colors of Kaws to create pieces that blend modernism with current trends. The layer of small iconic shapes over the surface of her portraits create her unique style and link the figures to the underlying themes of culture, personality, and group dynamics.