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http://www.harpersbazaar.com.tw/culture/exhibition/news/a1536/rine-boyer-solo-exhibition-between-at-bluerider-art-totem-painting/Condensing the Warmth Between Daily Frowns and Smiles – Exhibition “Between” by Chicago Artist, Rine Boyer

During this rainy season, why not get away from the noise and enter the world of Rine Boyer’s gentle brushwork and unique symbols, and remember those everyday emotions that we tend to forget.

Like Mandarin ducks gliding on a lake creating round and neat ripples as a sign of a moment just passed, Chicago based artist Rine Boyer has freed herself from traditional doctrine of human portraits. Using simple brushwork with unique cut outs to sketch out human forms, she places patterns of symbols between the lines in the portrait’s body. With meticulous observation of urban alternative cultures, she lets different young men and women in the paintings display the artistic youth of American metropolises with a background of stylish stamps on charmingly vivid canvases.

After her “Reclaimed” exhibition in 2015, with Boyer’s witty lines, simple colors and customized symbols, this year the artist came to Taiwan to present her “Between” exhibition. For the first time, she revealed nearly ten paintings and cut-outs, which not only continued to use her unique visual language, but also used blocks of saturated color to replace rough lines that painters often use to separate near from far. The colors break the flatness of a limiting monochrome background and create more dimensional, lively human postures. The observer no longer sees the paint, but falls into the scenes and the human drama which exists somewhere between reality and fantasy.

This exhibition is a departure from her documentary description of the urban hipster phenomenon with a move to more personal human relationships. The artist drew inspiration from her daily interactions with family, lovers, and pets to create works that on the one hand have delicate but strong scenes, while on the other hand capture the warm atmosphere of intimate moments between happiness and sadness that we often forget.

In the painting “Summer Afternoon”, a young father holds a newborn in his hands with a smile that reflects on the child. In the left lower corner, there is a curious look from a dog that hopes to meet his little owner for the first time. Intimacy between the three does not need words. Another piece, “Teaching”, is a warm interaction between an uncle and niece in the rain, their love like young sprouts growing in the rain day by day. Boyer not only uses repetitive symbols to reflect the vitality of different generations, but also for the first time makes a perfect link between emotions and environment. As an observer of Boyer’s attempts in new methods and media, one can only ask what style will she take on next? Let us enter into the details and warm emotions of Boyer’s works in “Between,” and we might just get a glimpse of what is to come from her unique symbolic language!

Also online at: http://www.harpersbazaar.com.tw/culture/exhibition/news/a1536/rine-boyer-solo-exhibition-between-at-bluerider-art-totem-painting/