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http://artemperor.tw/focus/1631Bluerider ART / Rine Boyer’s Exhibition

On March 14th, Bluerider ART will hold Rine Boyer’s third exhibition in Taiwan, titled “Between”. The exhibition will focuses on “relationships,” and describes warm connections between family, friends, and pets and includes experimental media such as interactive video and fashionable clothing. Each painting represents an important moment in the artist’s memory. Different seasons, colors and symbols represent the smells and traces of a season and draw attention to human emotions as well as display observations of contemporary culture.

Fei Yechong: This is your third exhibition in Taiwan. Your last exhibition had a lot of hipster forms.

Boyer: In the last series of work (“Reclaimed”), I concentrated on American hipster culture. To describe a hipster is difficult, yet interesting. Because after something is recognized as “cool,” hipsters will continue to look for the next thing they consider “cool.” So, I really enjoyed capturing this hard to predict but fascinating culture.

The thing that fascinated me the most was that there is “nothing really new” in the culture. Things seem novel because they are pulled from the past. Past materials are constantly reemerging in a new context. I find that nostalgia is a very important element of hipster culture.

Fei Yechong: If I may, does this exhibition bring new ideas?

Boyer: This exhibition focuses on “emotions” instead of observing a specific culture. I tried to capture the emotions that everyone feels, and dig deeper into the human experience. Although emotions are based experience, all humans have certain shared experiences, or universal truths.

I used colors to correspond with the seasons and symbols from the season to represent each relationship. The pieces mainly depict family members. The piece “Family Walk” was inspired by my father, who suffered from cancer last year, and shows my family and I walking down the same path. As I was creating the piece, I was thinking about cycle of generations.

Fei Yechong: Can you introduce us to some of the new pieces in the exhibition?

Boyer: What really makes the exhibition different is the interactive video. I collaborated with my husband to let the audience become characters in my paintings. For me, this is a new medium and allows viewers to experience the feelings of each season. As the viewer stands in front of screen, they will see their figure in paintings of changing seasons, and will feel as if they have stepped into one of my paintings. In this piece, I use elements from the seasons as symbols of emotions. Each season changes randomly and invites the viewer to interact with my paintings.

“Fashion” is an important part of my work, because I paint people and fashion is naturally a part of it. This clothing line came from one of my large-scale pieces. The piece shows a group of people dancing, and gives each person in the painting an instrument. The emphasis is on the atmosphere of the gathering.

Fei Yechong: In your paintings, one can see you adore people.

Boyer: I think that people are the most important element of paintings and have always thought that paintings are all about people. Even if the painting is a landscape, it is about how people see that land. So I can express whatever I want to express through postures of people. For example, this painting has a simple message, love between a dog and owner. The way they look at each other is so full of love, and that is what I wanted to show with this piece and one of the themes of this exhibition – connection.

Also online at: http://artemperor.tw/focus/1631